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  July, 06th, 2005


There are many months I didnt update the website.. But I have today a very interesting new for you! It is quite exclusive. I have recently been contacted by a french musician group called Open Side. This parisian group play music in France and in other countries in the world... and they decided to cover Faye's song 'Zhu Mi Bu Hui (No regrets)'. This new is exclusive, and you can visit now the all new Open Side Website ! You will find their video clip of No Regrets when they went to China.

Please don't hesitate to discuss about it in our forum


  November 3th, 2004


A french mag' called 'Match en Chine' has made an exclusive interview of Faye Wong ! It is surely the only interview of Faye by french press. You can click on this folowing link to read this very interesting interview. Please don't hesitate to post your feelings in our unified forum.

Read the exclusive french interview of Faye (translated from french into english)


  October 24th, 2004


The famous movie 2046 by Wong Kar Wai has been released last October 14th. It has been waited a long time by the fayenatics. The movie was also waited a lot in France since the last Cannes Festival...

Faye Wong was recently in France : she signed a french clothes collection with Celine !

You can see just below a poster of 2046 : if you watched it, you can give your feelings about it in our discussion board




  August, 6th 2004


It will be Faye Wong's birthday in two days : she will be 35 !

Some rumors say Faye Wong has a new boyfriend, a new man in her life : his name is Li Yapeng : he is an actor...

The new Pic' of the week is taken from the last CCTV MTV Music Awards ! I will put the whole serie of the pictures online very soon.

I can also give you some news about the next album by Faye : it will be released on late 2004, or early 2005 !


July, 17th 2004


 I'm sorry, but I couldn't update the website since a long time... Faye's new album is out since eight months now ! An ' All in Dvd ' has been available for two months : this is a DVD of the music videos for each song, and a very nice booklet. Screenshots of all those music videos will be available here very soon :)  You can see just below the cover of the new dvd...


Faye didn't come to Cannes Festival for 2046... Many of her french and european fans must have been sad... We really hope she will come here one day !



  April 10th, 2004


Here are some wallpapers I have created... I put them online for you, and I hope you will like them ! To save them, you just have to click on one of the three pictures, and 'Save picture as' (right click)



  April 6th, 2004


A big update today !

First of all, I am sorry for all the problems there have been on my website those last weeks...

Faye Wong confirmed  confirmed that she will be at the Cannes Film Festival in May for "2046"! Faye said this today during her radio interview in Malaysia.

This is a very good thing for the french Fayenatics who will maybe gather to see Faye in Cannes !

Since her last album, Faye Wong received many awards. She also decided to hold concerts in Kuala Lumpur (April 23), Shanghai (May 20), Beijing (May 28) and Singapore (June 2) !


  February 8th, 2004


A lot of Faye Wong's and Leon Lai's fans are waiting for the new movie 'Loving me Leaving You' for many weeks... That love movie will be out next February 14th for the Valentine's Day

And it will probably be out in France It is something very important for French Fayenatics. There are a lot of ceremonies, press conferences around that movie.


Another important new is that Faye will probably make a new album before next year....

Faye Wong also told there will have a concert in Singapore next April :)


  January 4th, 2004


First of all, a Happy New Year for everyone. I wish joy and happiness to everybody :)

Lucky are the people who could go to Faye Wong Hong Kong Live Tour between 20th and 27th of January.

Very nice pics are available in the concerts pics.

Let's see now some photos. Just click on one pic to see many others...




November 19, 2003




China has banned a song by one of the country's top-selling stars because it refers to the drug opium. You could read this article today at the BBC News Website !


This article explains that Faye Wong's song 'In the name of Love' will be removed of the album, because it refers to drug opium (except for Hong-Kong album version)


You can read the full article by clicking here !






November 13, 2003



One million !

It is the number of albums that Faye Wong has sold since last week !


There was a special press conference for it organised by Sony !

Just see the pic of the celebration on the left : you can click on it to have it bigger






  November  7, 2003


Faye Wong's new album is out in stores today ! After a two years waiting, 'To Love' is here ! You can see the picture of the album below.

You can buy it in yesasia website for a few money, so don't hesitate !



1.To Love
2.Empty City
3.Leave Nothing
4.Beautiful Mistake
6.Dearest Sunshine
7.Merry Go Round
8.April Snow
9.Concealed Night
12.In The Name Of Love
13.Withered Flower




  October 10, 2003


A new version of the italian Website of faye Wong is available ! I think you should all visit it, because it is very nice and well done... And there is now an english version of the site !!

> Just click here <


October 9, 2003


Faye Wong's new album will finally be released on November 18th... This will be called 'Gonna Love' ou 'Future Love', as you prefer. There will be 10 mandarin songs, and 3 cantonese :) Faye Wong and her her staff have also made all the music videos for the new album.

You can now buy tickets for the next concert in Hong-Kong in December 2003. Lucky are all those who will see the show...

Last new of the day : the Picture of the week is the cover of the recent ELLE Taiwan.

You can click on this link of the famous website afaye which shows us thoses photos...


  September 11, 2003


According to yesasia website, Faye Wong's new album will be out next October 11th !!! I think we can trust the information...

Just check by yourself by clicking on this link...


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